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Industrial Skylights and Rooflights

Are you looking for Industrial Warehouse Skylights?

Maldon Roofing Services Limited.

Industrial Warehouse Skylights and Rooflights for currgated roofs is a speciality of Maldon Roofing Ltd. From skylight repairs and patches, or skylight replacements, we have years of experience with Rooflights, so you can rest easy knowing your project is in good hands. We are based in Essex, and our services are offered across Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk, Essex, London and the Home Counties. Our works cover a broad spectrum of roofing services, including repairs, installation, maintenance, emergency assistance, and general roofing offerings. We have a modern range of equipment and supply our own access with scaffolding or plant machinery enabling us to carry out any job using in-house facilities.

If your unit is looking worse for wear, feel free to contact us today. One of our friendly experienced staff will certainly be happy to help. We provide Industrial Warehouse Skylights and Rooflight Solutions throughout Essex and the home counties, so, don’t hesitate! Call Us today.

Industrial Skylights Essex

Industrial Skylighhts Essex

What are Skylights / Rooflights?

Industrial skylights or rooflight are roof windows that follow an identical angle of the roof. These are made to fit the profile of the roof covering. Skylights are fabricated from a (GRP) fibreglass without colouring, making it transparent, permitting light to penetrate into your workspace. Industrial profile skylights or rooflights are an effective manner of lighting for your commercial or industrial environment without the need for electricity. Skylights/roof lights are utilized in modern-day construction plans more than ever, with the regular rise of utilities. (GRP) products last much longer as the products continue to advance.

High quality (GRP) these days can last as long as 35 years as a rooflight before it indicates any symptoms of deterioration or breaking down because of the regular assault from the ultraviolet rays brought on by the sun. So, if you’re in need of Industrial or commercial skylight and rooflight replacements, look no further than Maldon Roofing. Contact Us today and one of our friendly staff will certainly be happy to help. Otherwise, you can use our contact form below and we will then endeavour to get back to you asap.

GRP sheets can come in many profiles, some of the profiles are older asbestos style and can include;

GRP Profiles

GRP sheets can come in many profiles, some of the profiles are older asbestos style and can include;

  • Cape Fort Profile
  • Cape Monad Profile
  • Cape Trofsec Profile
  • Cape Watford Profile
  • Cembrit B9 Profile
  • Double Six Profile
  • Double Six Metric Profile
  • Everite Panel Profile
  • Gleno 252 Profile
  • Major Tile Profile
  • Tegral Coracem Super 4 Profile
  • Trafford Tile Profile
  • Turnall Combined Profile
  • Profile 6

The most commonly used GRP profiles today can include;

  • Profile 6
  • 32/1000 Box Profile
  • 333 Profile (35/1000 Box Profile)
  • 34/1000 Box Profile
  • 14/3 (Traditional 32 Corrugated Box PRofile)
  • Big 6 Profile

Industrial – Domestic – Installation – Maintenance – Repairs

How are Industrial Skylights & Rooflights Fitted?

Rooflights and or Skylights are fitted with a simple process, access to the roof is always required and should only be carried out by professionals. This is because working at height can be dangerous without the proper knowledge of knowing how to harness yourself or knowing the supported areas on the Corrugated roof to stand.

First, the old skylight or rooflight is removed, this is done by removing the old fixings. Fixings can vary depending on the material of the purlin. Purlins are usually made of steel or wood but also come in concrete. Once the fixings are removed, the old Skylight / Rooflight is taken out and a new one is ready to be installed.

New Skylight / Rooflight Installation can sometimes be tricky depending on the material of the other corrugated sheets, the Skylight / Rooflight is placed under the sheet above and above the sheet below. Once in place, a sealant bead is applied to ensure a proper seal, and then new fixings are screwed or hooked onto the purlins. To complete the work, any holes left behind from previous fixings are sealed and covered with flashing and/ or liquid coating systems. If you are in need of our Services, please do not hesitate to Call us today!

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Industrial Skylights & Rooflights

Corrugated Skylights / Rooflights are used for Factories, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings and Agricultural Buildings. Maldon Roofing Services Ltd concentrates on roof repair enquiries from our commercial and industrial clients. Leaking roofs, overflowing valleys and other damage to the property allowing leaks can certainly be bad news. Water leaking onto machinery or stock can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. Therefore, if you suspect or know of a leak in your commercial or industrial property, it is paramount to have the repair done professionally. We’re here to help, Maldon Roofing has repaired leaks on a range of different types of roofs. We have the skill and knowledge to ensure that your problem is fixed right the first time.

Some Of Our Roof Repair Services In Essex

Please, do not hesitate to contact us today and of course, one of our friendly experienced staff will be more than happy to help. We provide Industrial Roofing Services throughout Essex and the home counties, so, don’t hesitate! Call Us today.

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For Industrial Corrugated Rooflights Services – Contact Us Today

So, if you’re looking for Industrial Rooflights or Warehouse Skylights services around the Maldon and Essex area, look no further than Maldon Roofing. For no obligation quotation on any required works get in touch and one of our friendly and professional staff will certainly be happy to help.

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